Sky Measuring Guide

Step 1:Go to this lantern in the Golden Wasteland

It is between the hair and cape changing rooms

Make sure to use the right lantern, not all lanterns are created equally!

Step 2:Select the default hair style

Step 3:Select the default stance

Step 4:Rotate the camera to face towards the whirlpool storm, and align the right edge of the lantern with the middle of your head

Step 5:Rotate and align the camera so the diamond in the lantern is completely flat

Step 6:Take a screenshot! Make sure you are aligned well and try to include the full lantern and your feet.

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Official Sky Resize FAQ (Direct Link)

Sky Kid IRL height math on Discord

Original (inaccurate) chart available on Discord

Please Note
This tool is for entertainment purposes only!

Changing and measuring height in Sky is an unscientific process.

I have been told that each Skykid is born with some hidden height modifier that you can never know nor change.

This means that the heights you see on this page may or may not be obtainable by your Skykid.

You may see another player with a height that you can never achieve.

If this sounds frustrating to you, I completely agree!

If you feel like Skykid height is an important part of your identify that should be under your control, just like hair and cosmetics, let TGC know your feelings!

In the meantime, please don't stress too much about your height. There may not be any "max height" that you can achieve.
Even if there is, the odds of getting to that "max" are astronomical.

Please take everything you see here with a grain of salt!
If this is going to be too frustrating of a process for you, then please leave now.